JWO Consulting currently offers the services of its Managing Director, Hank Ort. With his people skills and instinctive holistic grasp of context, he will fit right into your team. He is available as mentor/coach, inspirational speaker, project manager, interim manager or as non-executive director.


In a complex, ever changing world, personnel and organisations are under pressure to understand and balance requirements and expectations of diverse stakeholders. Even the most experienced and capable teams are in need of reflection from time to time, not only to keep up, but also to grow. JWO Consulting draws from a rich font of practical experience to keep your team focussed, with tailored activities ranging from one-on-one advising to team events.  

Inspirational Speaker

Hank Ort can contribute to events as presenter or speaker on a variety of subjects, using practical examples from his background in international security and crisis management operations. 

Project Manager

Hank Ort can support with the initiation and management of programmes or projects, drawing on his wide experience in successful government change programmes. Naturally, he is also available as programme or project lead. 

Interim Manager

For definite duration contracts, Hank Ort is available as Interim Manager, preparing the ground for structural succession or reorganisation. Having been used to a quick succession of functions in the military, Hank easily adjusts to new environments to make the most of any temporary challenge. 

Non-executive Director

Keen to pass on experience, Hank Ort is available for positions as Non-executive Director, also in non-profit Boards. His main interests are sustainable development, and socially relevant activities close to citizens. Adding Hank Ort to your board could be of interest to you for cross-pollination of ideas, or for strengthening your planning efficacy.